2. If You’re Frustrated Taking Drugs For Your Lower Back Pain, Yoga May Be A Good Option To Go With.

Modern science has found out that a yoga class designed specifically for back pain can be as safe and effective as physiotherapy in reducing pain.

The yoga protocol was brought by researchers at Boston Medical Center with input from yoga instructors, doctors and physiotherapists.

During the class, trained instructors guide participants through easy poses, including cat-cow, triangle pose and child’s pose. Easy relaxation methods are inclusive in the training session as well. More complex poses, which includes inversions, are avoided.

guidebook that shows out the poses taught during the class is freely available, as is a teacher training manual.

The findings, published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, are in line with new guidelines for curing back pain from the American College of Physicians. The group advice that people having back pain should not consider the intake of pain medicines if possible, and instead go for alternatives such as tai chi, yoga and massage. As we’ve reported, those guidelines are aimed at people with run-of-the-mill back pain, rather than pain due to an injury or other diagnosed problem.

Who was in the study? Researchers employed 320 racially diverse, predominantly low-income participants in the Boston area, all of whom had severing low back pain. The study lasted for twelve months.



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