This Is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About You & Your Health


    What is it really that was researched concerning this aspect of a woman’s butt?!

    Research has found out that the size and shape of one’s butt can for sure determine the health conditions of a person. As it is a common fact that fat storage in the body can be unhealthy, it may not entirely be true at all. Fat storage in the hips and buttocks area are not as dangerous in other parts of the body, especially the heart.

    From the research made, the fatty acids that is responsible for heart disease and diabetes, are deliberately kept aside by the body from the liver, the heart and the arteries. It was also mentioned in the research that a woman’s hormone help in spreading the fats in the right places, the buttocks included.

    Studies show that women with bigger buttocks have lower cholesterol levels and can produce more hormones that helps regulate sugar in the body system. Those with bigger butts have excess Omega-3 fats that help speeding up brain development.

    From the medical studies carried out, this takes us to the four most common butt shapes and how they interpret your overall health:

    Square Shaped Buttocks.


    People with this type of buttocks are said to have weak glutes with fat storage circling the love handles. Daily core exercises are recommended to fix the problem with weak muscles around the butt.

    Circle or Round Shaped Buttocks.



    This is said to be the normal buttocks shape of a healthy person. Fat may also sit in the upper area of the glutes but this can be easily taken off by exercise.

    Heart-shaped buttocks.



    Almost every woman desire to have this kind of buttocks shape, as its shape is a full bottom and tapers at the top. As we grow old, this shape tends to lose fat faster compared to the others and the fat moves to the middle section. It clearly shows that this shape is not the best for good health, so it is advised that anyone having this type of buttocks shape should lose the fat early on.

    V-shaped buttocks.


    Aged women are common with this shape as a result of the lack of estrogen and age as well. You will need to start regular exercise and losing the unwanted fat in other parts of your body as fat from the V-shaped buttocks usually move to the upper parts of the body.

    The way to achieving the ideal bottoms shape and being healthy overall is daily exercise, especially in the glutes area, and keeping up with the right diet.


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