The Symptoms of Dying


4. This piece of article might seem a little bit scary for your perusal but arouses interes

ting points you must know about it.

Everyone, one day we’ll die from the same thing. With different causes: cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke.

One organ will fail, then another. Or Perhaps all will fail at the same time. We’ll become more similar to each other than to people who continue living with your original diagnosis or mine.

Dying has its own biology and symptoms. It’s a diagnosis in itself. While the periods leading up to death can be different in individuals, the hours before death are similar across the vast
majority of human afflictions.
Some symptoms, like the death rattle, air hunger and terminal agitation, appear agonizing, but aren’t usually uncomfortable for the dying person. They are well-treated with medications. With hospice availability increasing worldwide, it is rare to die in pain.

While few of us will experience all the symptoms of dying, most of us will have at least one, if not more. This is what to expect.



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