Amazon just solved the greatest uncertainty of buying clothes online (AMZN)


The e-commerce giant is continuing its push into clothing by offering one of the most sought-after perks.

Buying online with Amazon is seeming more like standing in front of the goods to be bought. The Amazon Prime Wardrobe box ships free both ways, and customers can fill it with self selected clothing. Online shopping for clothing is tricky. Amazon increasing its ever expanding benefits for Prime customers, will now let customers try on clothing before purchasing it. The program is part of the new Prime Wardrobe which Amazon announced Tuesday.

The program is similar to many “box”services, like StitchFix and TrunkClub, where some clothing items are sent to the customer, who then gets to try on the clothing before choosing what to keep and purchase and what to return.
Amazon gives one week to make a decision, and shipping is free both ways. The difference with Amazon’s service is that customers get to choose their own items to put in their box, instead of stylists or algorithms. A 10% discount will be applied if customers decides to keep two to three items, while those who pick four items or all of them will get a 20% discount. You can also order a box as often as you wish. There’s no monthly subscription like other box
services. Not all clothing sold on Amazon is accepted for the Prime Wardrobe, but items that can be put in a Wardrobe box will be marked with a logo for the service — over 1 million of them, seen from the promo video.


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