10 Common Foods That Could Harm You





Not all mushroom are created equal. Cremini mushroom will make a perfect topper for pasta, but do you know some species contains poison which may end up getting you killed.




Before now you may not have known tomato contains a poison,glycoalkaloid,within its leaves, this is known for being the cause of stomach upset, cramping and most times anxiety. so its wise to stay clear of the stem and leaves as well.



Do you know that the most common allergies people have, is to peanuts. The most severe response is anaphylaxis, this can lead to serious constriction of the airways, shock, and loss of consciousness. It is in fact dangerous enough to result to death if left untreated, so the best is to know your allergies before going anywhere near these babies or their addictive friend, peanut butter.



Severe allergic reaction to shellfish can inhibit breathing and even result to life-threatening situations.



The potato plants have leaves and stem that are poisonous, notwithstanding, poisoning as a result of intake of potato are very rare. Most death related to potato mostly comes from the intake of green potatoes or drinking tea made from potato leaves.




Its a fruit you need to watch out for, as its seeds contains poisonous hydrogen cyanide.



The almond seed has lots of health benefit but it is also laden with poison. The bitter almonds, in its raw form has a very high quantity of cyanide. Almonds need to pass through a specialized heat treatment for its toxins to be completely removed.

 Hot Dogs


This has been the leading cause of choking casualty among kids, which means you need watch your little ones when they munch on them.



Berries are great fruit, but the elderberry plant commonly used in medicinal syrups, liquors and sodas, might cause severe stomach upset, so you should stay clear off the stems and leaves.

 Castor Oil



Made from the castor bean plant, this castor plant contain ricin which is classified a poison. Make sure the bean your castor oil was made from strictly adheres to all necessary safety guidelines.


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